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Boiler upgrades in Sussex.

Swale Heating understand the inconvenience of a boiler breaking down, the lack of central heating and no hot water is likely to ruin your daily routine and cause a lot of hassle especially when it happens in the winter. The best way to avoid this is by upgrading your ageing boiler with a new more efficient model.

Swale Heating work throughout Sussex and are the local boiler and heating experts if you need boiler upgrade, able to provide you with a high level of service at a very competitive price. Take a look at our online boiler estimate, which will allow you to view our huge range of boilers and work out the cost of upgrading your current boiler.Boiler Upgrade in Sussex | Swale Heating

Boiler upgrades are not only a sure fire way to ensure peace of mind but they are also proven to save you money! Did you know that boilers account for 60% of your energy bill and that by switching to a new energy efficient boiler you could save up to 35% when compared against a boiler that's ten years old? The other benefit of upgrading your boiler is that by changing to a more energy efficient model you'll be reducing your household's carbon emission and will be doing your bit to protect the environment for future generations.

Our range of energy efficient boilers include modern offerings which are a huge advance from old, non condensing boilers. Take a look at information about our most efficient boilers below:

  • Combination or Combi Boilers
    This type of boiler provides both hot water and central heating without the need for a separate tank to store water, making it the most popular type of boiler. They are also ideal for the smaller home for one bathroom and additionally they can be tucked away into small spaces such as cabinets etc.
  • Conventional Boiler
    This system requires two water tanks: one cold water storage tank (usually in the loft), and one feed and expansion tank. The system will also have a hot water cylinder. These boilers are most effective on heating systems with high levels of hot water demand e.g. two or more bathrooms.

In Sussex, Swale Heating's friendly staff, skilled engineers and competitive pricing has made Swale Heating the most established heating supplier for a boiler upgrade. If you would like more information regarding boiler upgrades in Sussex call or contact us today.

Once you have upgraded your boiler, why not keep it in full working order for years to come with one of our boiler service contracts.

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