Benefits of moving to a New Boiler?



The technology used in the manufacturer of new boilers is improving year on year. The result of this is that new boilers are able to offer much improved performance levels to the end user.
Almost every new boiler manufactured today is a condensing boiler. This means that it is able to utilise a lot more of the heat energy that the boiler produces compared to non-condensing alternatives. Condensing boilers are therefore considered a lot more efficient than older boiler models.

Every boiler in the UK is given an efficiency rating as part of the the Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers scheme (commonly known as SEDBUK). Boilers that operate at efficiency levels over 90% are given a SEDBUK A-rating and at the other end of the scale boilers that operate under 70% efficiency are considered SEDBUK G-rated boilers.

If you have an older boiler in your home (typically 10 + years old) then it may be the case that your boiler is at the lower end of the scale, not able to take advantage of these technological advances and operating inefficiently.

The good news is that moving to a new A-rated boiler can have many benefits. Not only are they likely to be more reliable and a lot easier to identify spare parts in the rare event that anything were to go wrong, but using an A-rated boiler in your home can also save you a lot of money in the long term!

In fact the Energy Saving Trust believe that you can save up to £490 per year from your heating bill by moving from a G to an A-rated model*. With this level of saving it is easy to see how over time making the move to a new boiler can end up paying for itself!

Are you interested in making the move to a new A-rated boiler? Try our online estimate tool to get a rough idea of the costs involved or give one of our sales team a call to discuss your exact requirements today.

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