Swale Heating advertising campaign is just the ticket

A leading heating firm in Kent is displaying adverts on London’s busy transport network for the first time in its 45-year history. 

Swale Heating, one of the largest independent heating installers in the UK, launches its campaign on Underground, Docklands Light Railway (DLR) and Overground services on October 9 as part of a £35,000 investment. The company already spends a seven-figure sum on TV advertising in the capital each year. 

The advert focuses on the company’s passion for boilers and first class service which allows customers to put such “boring” matters to the back of their minds. 

It reads: “It’s a fact. Nothing can be as boring as boilers. Luckily for you, we find them fascinating…so if your boiler needs replacing, don’t give it a second thought, just get in touch.

“Then get on with more important things, because your life is too interesting for this ad,” it concludes. 

Nearly six million people use Underground, DLR and Overground trains each day. With the Swale Heating advert appearing, on average, in every carriage, it is hoped the campaign will be just the ticket for the company’s continued growth in the capital. 

Swale Heating Sales Director, Matthew Edwards, said: “This powerful campaign is a signal of intent by a company which is going from strength to strength across the country. 

“Our message is a strong and clear one, while also poking a bit of fun at us boiler enthusiasts! It will be seen by Londoners for a fortnight and further strengthens Swale Heating’s brand in the heart of the capital.”