Laser eye surgery clinic listens to second opinion

Swale Heating saved a prestigious Harley Street clinic thousands of pounds by recommending a chemical flush over another company’s full boiler replacement.

London Vision Clinic, the laser eye surgery specialists, called on Swale Heating after being told they needed to replace the IDEAL evomax 60 boiler installed by another firm only 18 months previously.

“The new boiler was working but the radiators weren’t heating up,” explains LVC administrator, Grace Wright.

“Another firm told us that, because we’re based in a large townhouse, we needed a much larger boiler and possibly even two, to provide enough heat. Swale Heating was recommended for a second opinion and it took them just half an hour to identify a completely different – and much more cost effective – solution.”

Max Rowson, Swale Heating’s Commercial Installation Manager, said: “The IDEAL boiler provided sufficient heat when it was installed so it seemed unlikely that size was a problem.

“We got a full history from the client, investigated the system issues and recommended a full chemical flush. We used Sentinel X400 because it’s a much softer agent than most chemicals. London Vision Clinic has a fairly old system and we had to be careful not to open up any leaks that were being sealed with the debris we were trying to flush out.”

The busy clinic could not disappoint clients by closing or reducing their hours so Swale Heating engineers worked around the clinic’s diary, using early mornings, evenings and weekends to minimise disruption.

Two weeks later, Max says, the system was working perfectly.

“The flush revealed that the water in the system was extremely contaminated – full of sludge and material breakdown – so it’s no surprise the radiators weren’t heating up.

“Swale Heating’s policy is to always issue a certificate confirming the water quality and correct level of system inhibitor when we install a boiler and we recommend that as good practice for all installers.”

Swale Heating engineers also balanced the whole system to ensure adequate circulation to each radiator.

Grace says they are so pleased with the outcome, they have now appointed Swale Heating to service the system annually. “The quote that Swale Heating gave us for the chemical flush was less than a third of the boiler replacement cost and we’d recommend them with absolutely no reservation.”

Meanwhile, Max says it demonstrates the importance of encouraging commercial and private customers to think beyond the boiler. “We know how difficult it can be to alert customers to problems they can’t see – the ones within the system itself.

“But our experience with London Vision Clinic demonstrates that, if you give as much information as possible and are willing to work around the client, they will understand the benefits.