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This type of boiler produces domestic hot water instantly, when you turn on the hot water tap as well as hot water for the central heating, without the need for a roof tank or hot water cylinders These boilers are most effective on heating systems with relatively low hot water demand e.g. one bathroom. For more on combination boilers


This system requires two water tanks: one cold water storage tank (usually in the loft), and one feed and expansion tank. The system will also have a hot water cylinder These boilers are most effective on heating systems with high levels of hot water demand e.g. two or more bathrooms. For more on convential boilers

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Worcester Boilers

Known for their efficient condensing boiler technology and renewable energy. For more info

Baxi Boilers

a household name and one of the market leaders in introducing renewable technology at affordable prices. For more info

Vaillant Boilers

with a wide range of boilers there is something to suit you and your home, including industry-leading high efficiency combi boilers. For more info

Thermostatic Radiator

TRVs are Thermostatic Radiator Valves and these can be fitted in place of your existing radiator valves. Part L Building Regulations published by the Government recommend the use of TRVs as they are an energy saving product. They allow you to set individual heating levels in each of the rooms they are fitted. When the heating system is turned on, the radiator will heat up to the pre-determined level you have set. The valve will then automatically turn itself on and off to maintain the desired room temperature, until the heating is switched off. TRVs can help to save energy and consequently reduce your gas bill as they stop your heating system wasting unnecessary heat.

Remote room thermostat and programmer

The programmer sets the sequences of on/off demands for your central heating system and hot water. The room thermostat controls the overall temperature within your property. Please note remote room thermostats are wireless, and therefore remove the need for unsightly cables.

Power flush

A Powerflush is recommended by Swale Heating prior to the installation of a new boiler. Over time your heating system builds up sludge and other sediment, which can drastically reduce the efficiency and performance of the boiler. A Powerflush thoroughly cleans your heating system, ensuring that your new boiler works as effectively as possible. Our engineers will add a chemical cleaner to your system, and then connect a portable pump, which produces a high pressure flow of water. Each of your radiators will then be turned on and off, and the pressure is directed all over the system, ensuring that your system is cleaned as thoroughly as possible. A Powerflush will ensure your new boiler works as efficiently as possible, helping to reduce your gas bills. Many of the boiler manufacturers who we use also recommend Powerflushing, and it has been proven to increase the life expectancy of new boilers.

Filtration unit

Magnaclean units filter out suspended black iron oxide from your heating system, and help to protect and maintain your new heating system.

Water tanks

If you have chosen a Combination boiler above, and have a hot water cylinder or cold water storage tank in the loft, you will no longer need these. As part of the installation, our team will remove this unwanted equipment and dispose of the items safely for you. If you are swapping an existing combination boiler, or do not have a hot water cylinder or tank, please leave this box unticked.

Airing cupboard control

Many installations of conventional boiler systems rely on motorised pumps, valves and controls often found in the airing cupboard. If your system is many years old, we can replace these components to ensure smooth and reliable operation with your new boiler. Tick the box to add this replacement to the estimate.

Feed expansion

Feed and expansion tanks are typically found in the loft and provide cold water supply to your hot water cylinder. If your tank is over 10 years old, it is recommended to be replaced. Tick the box to add this to the estimate.


Hot water cylinders store hot water for your property and are an integral part of the system. If your cylinder is over 10 years, or you have noticed limited hot water coming from your cylinder, we recommend a replacment. Tick the box to add this replacement to your estimate.

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